Business property services

Business property services

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Marja-Leena Raassina Real estate manger for business properties Rantalantie 5 81720 Lieksa Tel. 040 104 4911 Email:

Business property services

Properties in Lieksa  for developing business


  • Properties suited to meet the need of your business
  • For Ownership or for rent
  • Direct transaction or wiht a redemption agreement
  • From the existing properties or building a new
  • Non-heated on heated spaces
  • For production, business, or storage purposes

Tailored business premises for businesses operating in Lieksa


  • Together with the client we map out the current and upcoming needs for space alongside the possible changes to be made to the current premises
  • Possibility for shared use of premises
  • Possibilities for changing premises will be considered
  • Rental, redemption or the combination of these two is possible
  • For current and future clients
  • When agreeing on the scheduling, the needs of the client will primarily be taken into account


Supplemenetary services (i.e. heat, electricity, water,security, yard maintenance) when needed


  • Included in the rent, as agreed in the contract
  • Separately invoiced
  • Or a combination